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Woven artworks

Jacquard cushions
inspired by Polish painting

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Jacquard tapestries

Limited editions
woven artworks

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Strzeminski Collection

Afterimages briefly appear in our eyes when, after staring at an object, we look away. We see a blurred shape in a complementary color. They became the inspiration for Strzeminski's avant-garde works. Andrzej Wajda, the famous director, filmed his last movie about his life. We have created artistic fabrics of the highest possible quality.


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Lempicka Collection

© Tamara de Lempicka Estate Photo by Mario Camuzzi

Limited collection of pillows, each accompanied by a certificate of authenticity verified by the Tamara de Lempicka Estate and signed by Marisa de Lempicka's great-granddaughter. The exclusive artistic fabric was produced in the Netherlands.


Witkacy Collection

© Stefan Okolowicz's archive

We've transferred Witkacy's extravagant paintings onto exclusive textile. The multitude of various weaves on the cushions is the result of months of design work. The tapestry was woven in a renowned Dutch manufactory with a 120-year tradition.


Wyspianski Collection

Pillows are heavy, plush, and pleasant to the touch. Designed by acclaimed artists and crafted on the finest looms in Europe. Inspired by painting, this work is not flat like a print, but, like paint on canvas, it has texture and richness of detail.